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  • Answer: the reason for this is when the jailer said "you were exonerated" it opened up a world or opportunities for you so yes, peanut butter does give you aids
  • Answer: Most battery chargers offer two different rates of charge. The slow rate is 2amps, and the fast rate is 6amps or 10amps, depending on the charger.It is always better for the battery, and safer for the owner, to charge at the 2 amp rate. It produces less heat and stress on the battery, and will help it last longer. The only downside is that it will take 8-10 hours (or overnight) to bring the battery to a full charge.The more rapid rate of charge will recharge a battery in just two hours. If you need a more rapid rate of charge than overnight (maybe you need your car to start ASAP), then it is OK to use the rapid rate on your battery charger but there are important safety precautions.The higher amps necessary for rapid charge heats up the battery, which shortens battery life. It also causes more gas to form in the liquid (acid) in the battery. This gas is hydrogen, and is highly explosive. Hydrogen gas can build up enough pressure to swell or explode the battery, which is extremely dangerous. Acid can spew all over the place and cause bad burns. To avoid this, the six cell-caps on top of the battery have vents in them to let the gas out, but rapid rates of charge may produce more gas than the vents can cope with. Thus it is much safer to unscrew or lever off the caps(depending on the type of battery), and set them loosely over the holes. This lets the pressure out, but keeps debris from falling into the interior of the battery.Secondly, and equally important, you must avoid open flames or sparks, which might ignite the hydrogen gas. In an enclosed space, turning on an electric light or switch can be enough to cause an explosion . Charging the battery outdoors is safer than indoors, but if the garage door is left open to provide good air flow, it is fairly safe.In conclusion, the slower 2amp rate of charge is easier on the battery and safer for yourself, but takes overnight. The rapid rate (6 or 10amp) is fairly safe if suitable safety precautions are taken.
  • Answer: You agreed to such action(s) when you signed the contract for the services or items.
  • Answer: Store accounts can be pretty much charged on indefinitely. Provided one pays them off in a timely manner. If one does not, at some point a store will no longer honor a cardholders card because the cardholder has violated the service agreement by not keeping the account current (paying the bill).
  • Answer: All exotic indian and imported fruits eg.Passion fruit,Durian,Asparagus, Artichokes, Kiwi,Chinese Apples etc. are easily available at a Fruit Shop in Srinivasa Building, Gandhinagar near a Babyshop called Mohini Bazaar.
  • Answer: 288 kms. Buses available. trains like lal bagh express. airplanes such as AIR DECCAN, KINGFISHER, INDIAN AIRLINES. journey via car in the expressway.
  • Answer: Contributors have said they are a good company to do business with and to work for.
  • Answer: How to reach pondicherry from Bangalore and chennai, go to this link to find more information -
  • Answer: It is Mostly Associated with the IT industry but in recent times even the Fashion industry and Alcohol Industry have developed
  • Answer: the best training institute is one learning knowledge education which change your behavioral
  • Answer: There is no single highway between Pondicherry and Bangalore. Still, road transport is the only option between these two places.Assuming you are starting from Bangalore, you would take the following route:Bangalore -> Hosur -> Krishnagiri -> Thiruvannamalai -> PondicherryThe approximate distance on road is 335 kilometre.The road condition is not the same all way along. Bangalore to Krishnagiri has a very smooth road, while Krishnagiri to Thiruvannamalai might be a nightmare to drive. Thiruvannamalai to Pondicherry would be pleasant drive.
  • Answer: Kelly technologies is the best Hadoop trainingInstitute in Bangalore. Providing hadoop courses by real timefaculty in Bangalore.Our Features:♦ Real-time industry experts from MNCs♦ Resume Preparation by expertProfessionals♦ Lab exercises♦ Interview Preparation♦ Experts advicePhone : 080-6012 6789
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How much do hospitals charge for delivery in Bangalore?

  • 97% of the hospitals charge for delivery

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