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Can a back injury make your hands paralyzed?

  • If spinal injury is sever enough and is in region of C4, C5 and C6 vertebra, it can result in paralysis of biceps, wrists and hands respectively.

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  • Answer: If spinal injury is sever enough and is in region of C4, C5 and C6 vertebra, it can result in paralysis of biceps, wrists and hands respectively.
  • Answer: There are two types of spinal cord injuries. Complete spinal cord injuries refer to the types of injuries that result in complete loss of function below the level of the injury, while incomplete spinal cord injuries are those that result in some sensation and feeling below the point of injury. The level and degree of function in incomplete injuries is highly individual, and is dependent upon the way in which the spinal cord has been damaged.
  • Answer: Workers compensation insurance should cover your lost time. You may be able to file a grievance with the insurance company to this effect, or you should consult a workers compensation attorney for direction.
  • Answer: Could be sciatica. You would need to have your doctor confirm this though.
  • Answer: In order to win a back injury betterment there must be medicalevidence that shows sign of injury. Keep all medical records, costsof pain medications, and out of pocket expenses related to theinjury for proof of pain and suffering.
  • Answer: A: Yes, a back injury can affect your kidneys. The body is made of a complex circuit of nerve fibers, and all of them are interconnected to each other. Fractures involving the posterior (back) aspects of ribs 10, 11, and 12 may cause damage to a kidney. It is fortunate that most blunt (contusions) injuries to the kidneys heal without surgical intervention. The kidney may also be injured from a stab wound to the back.
  • Answer: You can see the spine.
  • Answer: Varies to a great degree. Many back injuries are temporary, some are paralyzing. Depending on your state laws you may receive $0 to lifetime Medical, pain and suffering etc.
  • Answer: There are a lot of available injury attorney for anyone who has recently injured their back. A person can find their local attorneys by using a phone book. There are also local attorney lawyers if you live in Mississippi. One example of a lawyer is Richard Schwartz.
  • Answer: It obviously means He likes you and wants to take it to the next level
  • Answer: All nerves from all over the body are connect to the Central Nervous System which leads from the spine all the way to the brain.

    An injury to the back might affect some nerves in your body which will cause it to "not function properly"

    All in all, it depends on which part of the "back" you injure. It is best to see a doctor to determine the "location" which is affected than to assume it only affects the way you walk.
  • Answer: There is no one amount you can get for a certain type of case and that you can not use a simple formula to find out how much your claim is worth. A settlement is most often determined when the insurance company and the attorney try to predict what a jury would award the client.

    Other factors that come into play when rewarding the plaintiff in a car accident case involve the severity of the injury, how bad the impact of the car crash was, the length of treatment for the injury, the amount of permanent tissue damage done, how much work was missed, how much pay was lost, how it affected the lifestyle and the ability to work of the individual, and what kind of job they had if it was permanently lost due to the injuries.
  • Answer: For a back injury, you need to find a lawyer who have experience in the working system and injury at jobs. Some of them are easy to find, because they are only known for this specialty. You will have to contact one of them and expose your case and see what they can do for you.