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  • Answer: anomaly the faint instrumentation if some thing like a not to hard blow on a flute or a clarinet or sometimes you can put special kind of mats on drums to make a faint sound
  • Answer: The five most popular bluegrass instruments are difficult todetermine. However, the most well known are the banjo, the fiddle,the harmonica, the guitar, and the dobro.
  • Answer: clarinet base clairinet flute picilo piano trumpet trombone tuba baritone drums triangle cymbals saxophone tenor saxophone
  • Answer: Harmonica, rhythm guitar, bass guitar, drums and vocals.
  • Answer: Microscope is the most common instrument used by biologist.
  • Answer: There are eye care instruments that can be used at home as well asin a doctors office. Some of these instruments are, refractors,pressure gauges, and glasses.
  • Answer: the vocal cords
  • Answer: There are dozens of reed instruments!


    Common single reed instruments include the clarinet family and saxophone family instruments. There are about a dozen different types of clarinets and the same is true for saxophones. There are also different kinds of each coming from all parts of the world, like the Spanish albogue, which is a kind of clarinet. All together, there are many, many single reed instruments.

    There is a surprisingly large variety of double reed instruments. The most common are oboe family, the two types of bassoons, and the bagpipes. What makes some double reed instruments different is that their reeds are not exposed like we are used to seeing; these are called capped reeds. Perhaps the most uncommon of all reed instruments are the very small number of triple and quadruple reed instruments, like the Shehnai from India and hne from Burma.

    Listing all the different reed instruments would be tedious work, so I put a link in for you.
  • Answer: There are so many different types instruments of payments. The mostcommon ones cheques, wire transfers, credit cards and so manyothers.
  • Answer: In my order of preference:

    Banjo (5-string)
    Dog Box (String bass)
  • Answer: There are a number of instruments that can be used in observation.You could use a telescope or microscope for example.
  • Answer: They still play! Fred Schnider plays the glakinspiel. Cindy Wilson plays the bongo. Kate sings. And Keith plays guitar. They all sing exept for Keith. I am a good friend with Cindy Wilson.
  • Answer: They only have to be able to sing (as many that there are that cant) if they play instruments all the better.
  • Answer: Some other Cuban instruments are the trumpet, snare drum, flute, clarinet, trombone, violin, saxophaone, and much more instruments from America.

What are the instruments used for cesarean delivery?

    • retractors, clamps, forceps, scalpels, scissors and staplers. Of the retractors, a Richardson retractor and bladder blade are needed. Clamps such as the needle drive, kocher clamps and hemostat are used. Adson, Russian and pick-up forceps with teeth are the forceps used. The general scalpel, scissors and staplers are used for the cesarean section.

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