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  • Answer: the boy friend may twotimes u and they spend more times with you
  • Answer: A perk of being an air hostess involves getting to travel andseeing the world. However, negatives involve being constantly awayfrom home and loved ones as well as long and irregular hours.
  • Answer: Positives about being a junior primary teacher:

    the children are eager learners.
    the children love you
    you see children grow academically and emotionally
    you can help children with learning problems
    you can help children with emotional problems
    thanks from the parents- you do get this, truly!
    you can make the lessons live - practical lessons, school trips, artwork, drama
    you teach a wide variety of subjects - so little monotony

    Negatives of being a primary teacher:

    marking, marking, marking
    planning, preparation and reports
    long hours, long days and weekend work
    difficult parents, uninterested parents
  • Answer: Solar power is an advantage, and growing resource because it isrenewable, unlike resources such as coal and oil. It also does nothave harmful effects on the environment in the way that fossilfuels do, which emit carbon into the air.
  • Answer: Reaping the Benefits of Financial Globalization. Last Updated:August 05, 2013. Prepared by the Research Department* Approved bySimon Johnson.
  • Answer:
    Hello! I was looking for the same thing for about three hours! Then i found this web site that has a lot of positives on immigration. It was written by E.G. Ross you might find it usefull. I did! here is the website its long sorry. I hope it helps it helped me a lot.
  • Answer: a positive would be that you can get stlyes and fashoin you want and a negaive would that you have yo spend money :3 TROLL FACE LOLOLOL
  • Answer: Positives-
    better MPG
    lower emissions
    can have better performance(McLaren P1, New Ferrari Enzo)

    higher cost
    more expensive to repair
  • Answer: Positives: enhances quality of life for the patient (and their families/friends), provides employment for many people in the NHS/health service, provides interesting information on how the human body reacts to immunological challenges, enhances scientific understanding.

    Negatives: Cost (they are expensive, however improved quality of life which results from the transplant is always seen to outweigh the cost). And the risks involved in the surgery and post-op: anaesthesia risks, infection, allergic reactions, rejection risk, scarring (obviously!). Most patients will experience a period of weakness/illness immediately after transplant, which usually includes some vomiting. This lasts 2-3 weeks, but is a slight negative of organ transplants (not that this reason would actually put anybody off if they needed a transplant.) Some patients may find it difficult to adapt psychologically to a transplant, which may require some counselling (however patients are always screened beforehand to assess their ability to handle a transplant psychologically - this process does minimise the issue from arising. )

    The necessity of long term medication post transplant could be seen as a negative, but I consider it a negative "as the result of organ transplantation aftercare" (i.e a negative that happens afterwards) rather than a negative of organ transplantation.
  • Answer: The positive of taking supplements in sports is that with consistent training, a proper diet and the right supplements you can see major improvements in you game. The negatives of supplements are not all of them are right for you personally and could cause side effects. And with out exercise and a proper diet your results may vary.

  • Answer: It means the country has to feed less people and helps the trade,
    but it also means that parents kill or disown their daughters to be brief.

    There are also negative effects on gender like a gender imbalance of males to females; at a ratio of 1girl to 12 boys.this is because males are benefited more by the economy than women, so it is leaving 70 million without a partner. There is also the anomaly of having twins which is an exception to the policy because the policy only states (one birth), this is achieved by IVF.

    As some positives, more people are living at higher wages than $6 a day because the money is less thinly spread out, because the government has so much power over families they can support them more and give them family planning and financial support.
  • Answer: positives: it brought trade and new goods to Europe and Africa, established relationships between the world as a whole (excluding Asia, sorry Asia!), created a new source of wealth for the europeans
    negatives: it killed a lot of people in the new world due to conquering and disease, slavery, disease spread
  • Answer: I take Xanax sporadically for anxiety. I have a n interview coming up and a pre employment drug screen.; how long on averge does It take to get it out of your urine an blood stream?
    Much obliged
  • Answer: Goods and services are allocated by individual decision making on a micro-economic level. In general, this creates broader markets in which supply meets demand.

    Supply Meeting Demand
    If production for a good is too high, prices fall and enterprises that produce that good will adjust accordingly (or potentially fail, thus decreasing production). If production of a good is too low, then prices climb and profit margins increase. In a healthy market, this attracts more producers of that good. The increased supply will stabilize prices.

    Supply will not always meet demand in such perfect order because not all markets are the same. Some goods that are produced are limited by their nature, such as gold. Limited goods receive a higher price because production cannot be readily increased. Sometimes regulatory and industry barriers prevent increased production, thus creating limited supply and higher prices.

    The important feature of a free market economy is that decisions can be made on an individual level, allowing for more precise control of production. This production will naturally change on its own and adapt to new economic, environmental, and social realities. It does this without bureaucrats making decisions or people voting. It is a democracy of dollars where people vote with cash on a daily business, deciding which goods and services are worth buying for a price, and which are not.
  • Answer: The positives are that they have a large selection to choose from at relatively low prices but the negatives are that most of their items have to be assembled by the buyer.

What are the positives of a pediatrician?

  • You can help children

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  • Answer: You can help children
  • Answer: Positive: Provides transportation

    Negatives: Pollutes air
    Must pay when broken
    Must pay for tires
    Leads to deaths
  • Answer: You earn six figures and have access to a wide array of drugs.
  • Answer: 1. More people= less time work takes.
    2. Multiplayer battles if you have a game system.
    3. Never get scared at night.
    4. More friends= more bully protection
  • Answer: You can bounce on them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Increased circulation
    Balance, core strength, timing, cardio vascular, air awareness
    If trained correctly more repetitions of acrobatic skills without the pounding on the joints.

    Trampolines are beneficial for your health and fitness, some people say more so than a treadmill because they develop more muscles. A trampoline is also a more enjoyable way of getting fit.
  • Answer: Your head is on straight. You make less dumb decisions.
  • Answer: Antitussives, to suppress coughs, such as dextromethorphan and perylamine can cause false positives for opiates.

    Also, Poppy seeds.
  • Answer: that you get to meet new people and see friends
  • Answer: Medical marijuana can help people that are sick. But if you just wanna smoke it for fun, the only positive is the feeling it gives you.Some negatives are that it can be addicting for some people, it may demoralize you, and it can harm your lungs.
  • Answer: Globalization is a term used to describe a political-economic trend in which nations and their economies have largely transitioned from being self-contained, self-sustaining states interacting mostly within their own borders and with neighboring countries, to becoming multinational economies in which nations are economically interconnected with each other through international trade across the globe.

    What the positive and negative aspects are is largely subjective.

    Generally, many people consider the effects of increased trade, increased diversity and the sense of solidarity of an international, global community to be positive.

    Some aspects that are usually considered negative might include outsourcing of jobs (due to the owners of the means of production being able to find cheaper labor and more capital-friendly modes of production in countries that have fewer or less restrictive labor laws and regulations), increased warfare over resources, production of waste in one country which dumps that waste in another country, and pollution from increased travel and transportation of goods using vehicles that burn fossil fuels and emit environmentally harmful carbon as a byproduct.
  • Answer: Positives: They can Be really helpful and make life a lot easier, e.g: computers, just imagine today without a computer.
    Negatives: More and more people get addicted each day and, e.g. computers using electricity, electricity is created by: power plants, electricity station, creating carbon dioxide making the world a more dangerous place to live.
  • Answer: the positives and negatives are buying the supplies and tools to build the Model T
  • Answer: Non contact sports get you hefty in the gludius maximus area.
  • Answer: Positive performance appraisals are those that have more positivefeedback than negative. When you have a positive appraisal you arelikely to get a raise.