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  • Answer: .5 grams
  • Answer: More than the recommended amount on the bottle.
  • Answer: g=mL. soooo [doing the math....] it would be 0.5 mL.
  • Answer: Most likely no. Penicillin is essentially the oldest antibiotic on the market. Invented for mass usage around the 1942. Which translates to a very high risk that most bacteria will already have developed antibiotic resistance to the antibiotic penicillin. Thus, taking the antibiotic will probably do no good and can actually prolong the pain and the infection. I recommend you either talk to your doctor or find an antibiotic that is more effective and stronger. Yet, even then you still run the risk of have a UTI that is antibiotic resistant to the stronger medicine. For instance, I developed a UTI and the doctor tested my urine and said I had a UTI. Then she prescribed my antibiotics and I was still in pain three days later. My mom, who is a microbiologist, figured the bacteria strain I had was resistant to this drug. So she decided to test me again to see what antibiotics the bacteria was resistant to and what antibiotics the strain of bacteria was susceptible to. After a long painful week with alot of the azi analgesic pills that dye your urine red or orange, I finally received the drugs I needed and the pain began to subside after three day on the strong antibiotics.
  • Answer: Absolutely nothing at all would happen the the buprenorphine will block the tiny amount of hydrocodone and you would feel nothing. Even if you took a hand full the same day as you took suboxone, it would block the hydrocodone.
  • Answer: It is an off brand version of Tylonol.....a non aspirin, over-the-counter pain reliever.
  • Answer: More than 1,00000000 tons I think
  • Answer: Ask your doctor or pharmacist.
  • Answer: 1000 mg = 1gram therefore 6 500mg pills = 3grams
  • Answer: Read and follow the instructions on the label, or ask a chemist foradvice. Your doctor should have told you the dosage and frequencywhen giving you the prescription.
  • Answer: In a review of data from national ambulatory care surveys conducted during the period 1995-2003, Dr Linder et al found that, during approximately 7.3 million annual visits for sore throat, doctors prescribed antibiotics in about 53% of cases. This percentage is considerably higher than the 15-36% prevalence of strep throat.Moreover, about 50% of children who received antibiotics got the wrong drugs, or a non-recommended drug (27%). Recommended agents include amoxicillin, penicillin, first-generation cephalosporins and erythromycin.Antibiotics not recommended but often prescribed include other cephalosporins, extended spectrum macrolides (e.g., Zithromax [azithromycin], Biaxin [clarithromycin]), Augmentin [amoxicillin-clavulanate]) or other agents.
  • Answer: It could cause liver failure and will likely give you hot flushes and you will still fail the drug test.

    The only way to reliably pass the drug test is to not do the drugs.
  • Answer: You should avoid going to work or out & about in the public for at least 2 days, 3 if you wish to be extra cautious.
  • Answer: Online market is present for every tablet company and is cheapest.Also gets offers on price.
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  • Answer: Never take more tablets at once than you have been prescribed !Even if you miss taking your medication at the suggested time, youshould simply take it when you remember. Your body will not sufferbecause your medication is late by a short time.

Should you take the 500mg two tablets at the same time?

  • All i can say is you should ask your doctor if it is safe for you

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