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  • Answer: Most definitely, nurse anesthetists make more money. For one thing, you must be an RN (registered nurse) to be one, and an RN makes more money than an LPN (or practical nurse), as they have to go to school longer. Becoming an anesthetist takes additional training on top of becoming an RN, but it is a much higher paying area of nursing to go into. It is also a very high stress field, though.
  • Answer: As far as I knew, a public health nurse is working in governmenthospitals and so they will do their duty as service, whereas ahospital nurse are supposed to work for the welfare of hospitalowner so, they will not work as service minded.
  • Answer: A licensed vocational nurse cannot work as a neonatal nurse.Neonatal nurses are required to become registered nurses first,with certification in the field.
  • Answer: A Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) is a RN who has continued their education and specialized in an advanced field of nursing and depending upon the state may or may not need to work under a doctor and may have the ability to diagnose and prescribe medications.
    A Military nurse is a nurse (LPN, RN, or advanced practice nurse) that is in the Military.
  • Answer: Nursing Assistants are extremely important members of the health care team. They assume many responsibilities for the registered nurse(RN) or the licensed practical nurse (LPN) which otherwise may not be able to be accomplished in the time limits that governing boards set as "Standards of Care". For instance, a patient who is bed bound needs to be "repositioned" or turned a minimum of every 2 hours. Imagine if a single person were responsible for doing this to 8, 10, or 12 patients in addition to medicating, treating, toileting, cleaning, and comforting these patients! This activity is one of the activities that state governing boards have allowed to be "delegated" to assistive personnel, such as a nurses assistant. While it may be understood that turning a patient is the responsibility of the nurse assistant, it is the responsibility that the registered nurse "delegate" the task and "supervise" that the task is completed.
  • Answer: A public health nurse specializes in educating the general public and improving the health of the general public (immunizations, educating about STDs, ways to prevent illness, etc).

    School nurses usually will provide medications and treatments to kids in the school system, education, and at times provide first aid until a parent or paramedic arrives in cases of emergency or illness.
  • Answer: if he or she applies for the job and someone hires her
  • Answer: You may have to take a licensing test in the new state. Some may have reciprocal agreements for licensing.

  • Answer: A nurse clinician is usually practices a more advanced version of nursing - beyond that of a registered nurse. A nurse clinician will often have a masters degree or doctorate degree in nursing and depending upon the area - is allowed to deliver babies / prescribe medication / specialize in treating certain populations and/or specialize in nursing practice and education.
  • Answer: Yes, they earned only by a couple dollars though.
  • Answer: The company nurse is involved with taking care of health relatedissues facing employees in a given company. On the other hand,hospital nurses take care of patients from the public.
  • Answer: Yes if the person goes to school and gets a degree.
  • Answer: A registered nurse is the basic level attained after graduating from a certified Associates or Bachelors nursing program. This means that the registered nurse has not yet specified if he or she would like to enter a specialized field in nursing.A pediatric nurse is a registered nurse trained in the care of newborns and children. It is a specialized field that a registered nurse must first train on before he or she is able to work in that specific area.

How can you advance in traveling nurse?

  • Adavancing in your traveling nurse career really is not an optionin the traditional sense of moving up the corporate ladder. But youcan expand your skills and work in more challenging settings. Thebest way to do that is to clearly define the goals you want toachieve in your career and choose assignments that help you achievethose goals.

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